Gluten a Problem or Symptom

2 Sep
We hear so much about gluten sensitivity. The research seems pretty solid that it is a problem.

However we must look deep to find the cause.
Leaky gut seems to be involved and may be related to the potent gliadin – the protein of gluten that may be more potent in disrupting the cell junctions in the intestinal tract.

Ok-that is enough of the technical stuff.

A recent article by the Weston Price foundation proposed a different solution.

Summary-from respected university researchers- is that our human immune system has failed to adapt to the gluten and this weakened immune system is the problem.

The detailed report – The Myth of Big, Bad Gluten- is at

2 common problems affecting our immune system.
1. We know that we have more toxins than ever in our environment and in our bodies in the history of mankind. This suppresses our immune system.

2. Also nutrient deficiencies are very common due to junk food and fast food eating habits. Also depleted soils.

2 solutions.

1. Agaricus mushroom in Ekismate to provide beta-glucans and a strong nutritional source for our immune system.

2. Small particle zeolite to reduce your toxic body burden of heavy metals and many chemical toxins. Pure Body is the product I recommend.

Many people who struggle with the concept that gluten is their problem may find a much more realistic solution in supporting their immune system.

I do recommend reducing processed grain consumption- mainly flour products- for good health and blood sugar reasons for nearly everyone.

For Your Total Health,

Dr. Darrel Hestdalen