Protect Your Retirement, Avoid Labels

6 Aug

What do labels mean?

Generally they mean the food in the package, bottle or can has been processed and a number of ingredients have been added.

Most of the time this means that there are several ingredients that are questionable if not obviously not found in the normal whole food.

The food manufacturers add additives and flavorings that are addictive and lead to cravings.  Why? To sell more of their “stuff”.

Make your food choices from whole foods that do not need labels. String beans, peas, steak, chicken, lettuce, beans-get the beans in cans without BPA in the lining, potatoes tomatoes, broccoli, etc.

Main tip for today- avoid all artificial sweeteners. These chemicals increase the risk of obesity and diabetes. Artificial sweeteners increase cravings for sweets and your body to store fat.

The is a weekly devotional to help you improve your behavior with food and time so that your retirement will be active and joyful.

For Your Total Health,

Dr. Darrel Hestdalen