Is Coffee a Necessary Evil or a Healthy Choice for You?

The news and research today is a thumb’s up for drinking a good cup of coffee. The key is in the “good” coffee.

I drink 3-4 cups of coffee per day and do not feel any effects if I miss my coffee.

Some people have headaches if they do not have their coffee. These people need to cut back and build up their vital energy.

Many people get their biggest amount of anti-oxidants from coffee. Coffee can have more anti-oxidants than tea.

For many people their diet of fruits and vegetables is low and therefore the coffee is their biggest source of anti-oxidants.

Coffee has high concentrations of beneficial antioxidants, phenolic nutrients, chlorogenic acids, and other healthy compounds.

Those who drink 4- to 5 cups per day reduce their risk of heart disease and diabetes.

This positive is greater than a few negative compounds and if you avoid certain additions you win with coffee.

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Coffee before exercise can help with weight control as it will help your body metabolize essential fatty acids and give you an endurance boost during exercise.

However, do not load up with certain popular foods before you workout.
Even fruit before a workout can diminish the benefit of coffee on burning fatty acids during your workout.

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How to let coffee help you lose weight:

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  • Improved mental clarity and sharpness
  • Endurance.
  • More guilt free enjoyment from your coffee.

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